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The committed acts against our people due to its bitterness, scale and consequences should be characterised as a crime against the humanity, be estimated international politically and legally, its ideologists and organisers be decently punished. We have no right to forget these actions and their lessons. Historical absent-mindedness and forgetfulness can result in bad ending for our nation.

Heydar Aliyev

The realised actions in Agdaban village of Kalbajar region, at night, on the 7-th of April, 1992 will never be cleaned from the memory of our people. Because, that time not any kind of little crime but historical genocide activities were realized against whole Azerbaijani nation and one of the biggest crime was committed. The instigators of this tragedy are our malevolent Armenian neighbors who dream to create “Great Armenia” from sea to sea on the account of Azeri lands. Agdaban Tragedy is one of the constituent parts of the historical ethnical cleansing policy of Armenian aggressors against Azerbaijani people. In 1992, at night, 7 April, 1992 by the help of the Armenian armed forces in Nagorno Karabakh and foreign defenders of armed forces of Armenian Republic attacked Agdaban village of Kalbajar region, burnt a village of 130 houses, inflicted reprisals to 779 people of peaceful village civillians, killed 67 people ruthlessly, realised genocide activity as an indelible stain on humanity. Within a night 8 old men of 90-100 years old, 2 juvenile children, 7 women were burnt alive on fire, 2 people were missing and 12 people were badly injured. Our historical, architectural and cultural monuments were destroyed, saint places and graveyards were humiliated and ruined. Armenian seperatists plundered and burnt manuscripts of virtuoso of classic azeri ashug poetry Ashug Gurban and his son Ashug Shamishir following their vandalism policy against our cultural heritage. People were killed with cruelty as for being turkish, helpless old people, children, women were taken as hostages bearing inadmissible oppression and insultings at that night.

Armenian soldiers skinned the heads of killed people, took out their eyes, altogether they have submitted the biggest crime against humanity in the universe. Agdaban tragedy, armenian aggressive policy against our nation, their barbarism and using the most villian ways against humanity has entered into history and will be eternally kept. The people who were killed and dead on that night are dear children of our nation, they gave their life as sacrifice for the intergrity of our republic, they are victims of national struggle of our people, they are Martyrs. Tragic death of patriots of motherland becoming victims demonstrate the patriotism, heroism and braveness of our nation. Armenian’s bad intention in committment of Agdaban genocide was to terrify our people, to seize citizens by fear, to break down their resistance and reconcile them with the terror acts realised within several years against azerbaijani people. But armenian invadors couldn’t realise their bad ambitions.

Agdaban people didn’t lose themselves or bow displaying heroism and bravery before the armed enemy supplied with modern weapons from head to foot. Rural population demonstrated real heroism and patriotism fighting in this unequal battle. Our target is to spread all realities of Agdaban tragedy to the world public, to take significant steps in declaration of the tragedy as a real genocide act, to write books, to shoot documentary and feature films, to carry out valuable research works, to bring the tragedy to the agenda in parliaments of different countries and international organizations, to estimate it from political-legal point of view trying to question the instigators of Agdaban tragedy before an international court. This incomparable genocide, committed mass and terrible terror acts were not only against our people as a new bloody page of the purposeful reactive policy of Armenian chauvinists aiming Azerbaijan state independence and territorial integrity but also was a large scaled crime against whole humanity. But unfortunately, no measures were taken to prevent this tragedy by the leadership of the republic during that period; on the contrary they kept the world public unaware of this crime.

Our great leader Heydar Aliyev said prudently: “Prevention of an event is easier than eradication of its result after it happens. It is a fact that if our country were under the leadership of our national leader Heydar Aliyev within hard days of our people including Agdaban tragedy, tragedy of January 20, Khojaly tragedy, occupation of our lands, and other committed tragedies realized against our nation which had formerly happened would have been prevented. After holding the power, with the persistent demands of the people Government and Parliament of Azerbaijan pursue the policy of informing the world powers, their parliaments and the vast masses about the realities of the crimes committed historically by Armenian chauvinists against Azerbaijanis with all its scales and terrors and recognition of all these as genocide policy since 1993.
These incidents have been estimated politically with the decree of “Genocide of Azerbaijanis” signed by our national leader Heydar Aliyev on March 26, 1998.

We can decisively say this historical document that is of state importance plays an exceptional and non-substitutive role in spreading voice of justice of Azerbaijani people, and lighting the mixed pages of the history and informing the world public with realities. The above-mentioned decree put important responsibilities before each Azerbaijani for restoration of historical memory and its strengthening and displayed the necessity of public struggle against Armenian chauvinism. That is why our people will never forget the service and braveness of our national leader.

Peace-loving people of the world, civilized countries, prestigious international organizations should recognize the realities of Karabakh and Agdaban tragedies, this crime committed against humanity should be legally estimated. There are irrefutable proofs that can be produced as evidences for the terrorism policy of this country, which committed Agdaban genocide. So, the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev has firmly objected to twofold standards of international union struggling against separatism and terrorism about the issue during his speeches before international unions, at meetings with the heads of states, during talks and discussions.

As a result of the policy of the president all the world union has already began to support the justified position of Azerbaijan. It gives hope that sooner or later the perpetrators of Agdaban massacre will be decently punished.

Over the XX century Azerbaijani people bared Armenian aggression and ethnical cleansing four times. These happened in 1905-1907, 1918-1920, 1948-1953 and finally in 1988-1993. All over the history Armenians have perpetrated bloody crimes and terror acts against our nation. At present 20% of Azerbaijani lands are under occupation. More than one million people were driven out of their native lands, 18 Azerbaijanis were killed, more than 20 thousand peaceful civilians were injured, more than 50 people became invalids, more than 4 thousand people were missing and taken as hostages, 877 towns and villages were plundered and destroyed. Purposeful work program started by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, and followed by the president of the country Ilham Aliyev finally resulted in of Armenia as an aggressor by European Union and Security Council of UNO, they recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and note it in their resolutions. While addressing our people on the Day of Azerbaijanis Genocide, on March 31, 2006 the president of the country Ilham Aliyev said: “I am confident that owing to patriotism, national unity and purposeful activities of our nation, and political volition of Azerbaijan leadership we will achieve all our objects as well as restoration of territorial integrity and sovereign, revealing those who commit real massacres of decades regularly, and propagate hatred and hostility among people and nations.”

Azerbaijani nation always hold the same opinions with our honorable president on national tasks such as spreading realities of Azerbaijan to the world, both enthusiastically and professionally.

The president of Azerbaijan Republic has declared constant position of Azerbaijan in all his meetings. He has stated that Nagorno Karabakh is the territory Azerbaijan and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is being recognized by the whole world and UNO and conflict can be solved only within the framework of international legal norms. Our honorable president has also mentioned that territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is not the subject of the talk.

We can never consent to the separation of Nagorno Karabakh from Azerbaijan. We hope that in consequence of purposeful policy of our respected president Ilham Aliyev our occupied lands will be liberated from invaders, all our refugees and internally displaced people will return their native lands.

Javid Gurbanov
Chief of Roadtransservice Department
Ministry of Transport,
Deputy of National Assembly
Candidate of Technical Sciences


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